SM Fiberart Studio

Drop Spindle Kit


Image of Drop Spindle Kit Image of Drop Spindle Kit Image of Drop Spindle Kit Image of Drop Spindle Kit

These colorful spindles were purchased then painted by me to coordinate with the rolags. Each kit contains one spindle and 2 oz fiber blended on a blending board then rolled. Some kits have several small rolags, while others only have a couple; the fiber weight is the same in all kits.

1. Yellow/Pink: In this kit the pink rolag is blended wools with sari silk fibers which will give the yarn a bit of texture. The yellow rolag is smooth but is sparkly thanks to the addition of Angelina nylon fibers.

2. Pearl Pink: The gray rolags have silver Firestar nylon fiber for sparkle along with pink fiber that coordinates with the one larger pink rolag. This spindle has a pink shaft with a pearly white whorl.

3. Golden Turquoise: Three rich turquoise rolags are blended with faux cashmere, Angelina nylon fibers and bits of purple. Soft to the touch with just a bit of texture. These can be spun thin or thick, either way it will be a beautiful yarn.

4. Apricot & Eggplant: The purple rolag is the most textured of the group. Merino wool, blended with Angelina, Firestar as well as bits and bobs of various wools in deep, rich blues, violet and orange. This one was hard to let go of. The three apricot rolags have small amounts of sari silk fibers which echos the colors of the purple. These would be beautiful blended together and spun as one thick and thin art yarn.